How the Sausage Was Made

The previous version of my site was done in 2009, sprung from a Drupal Gardens template. Based in Drupal 7. It wasn’t responsive but structurally sound. I survived Drupalgeddon

I worked, had some nice features, but like any website, it needed a periodic teardown. I decided to see what Drupal 8 had to offer. I had a list of what I wanted to accomplish:

  • Mobile out – Responsive
  • A simple, intuitive, “invisible” site. Not too flashy, but dynamic.
  • A contact form
  • It took about three hours of setting up a simple gallery view. Not to knock Drupal, but at this point, there is no documentation for Drupal 8 and galleries.It’s not their priority. Granted about
  • 90% of the tutorials for D7 work on D8, but the process could easily be described as convoluted.

Also, when my time allotment was in 1-hour bites, I didn’t have the time to wrap my head around a new tutorial.

So I walked away. Drupal for what I wanted was similar to driving a semi to drop off the kids at school. I’d get there, but, it would be a pain in the ass.

I like SquareSpace. Software as a Service is great. Whenever someone comes to me about doing a site I usually point them in this direction. It has all of the bells and whistles – e-commerce, responsive out of the box etc..

So why am I not using it? Simple, I’m cheap and I like to own my own stuff. Say tomorrow, my provider Bluehost, decides to run their server on kittens, I can pack up my 1s and 0s and move to another provider. I’m fond of keep old sites in different directories. My server is starting to look a little Collyer ish.

So I decided to fall back to WordPress. A Stable, simple setup, nice themes to choose from, responsive, simple web based updates. It’s funny, I don’t think I FTPed anything during the whole install. Is it perfect? Not exactly, but like all things, there are tradeoffs open source obscurity vs pay for software. All things are a tradeoff.

Here’s a timeline of my sites (off the top of my head):

2000-2003 – Static HTML

2003-2005 – Blogger, started hosting at Bluehost

2005-2009 – WordPress

2009-2016 – Drupal7

2016- – WordPress

Feel free to contact me, so I can shrug my shoulders at your question.